Lenses and Data Binding

Now that we have some model data we can bind the count to the Label view.

Data binding is the concept of linking model data to views, so that when the model data is changed, the views observing this data update in response.

In Vizia, data binding is achieved through the use of lenses. A lens is an object which allows you to select some part of a model and inspect its value. These lens objects are then used to form a binding between views and these parts of the model, updating when only these specific parts have changed.

Generating lenses

The Lens derive macro can be used to generate a lens for each field of a struct. These lenses can then be used to transform a reference to the struct into a reference to each of its fields. The generated lenses are given the same name as the field and placed in a module with the same name as the struct. For example, deriving Lens on the model we defined before:

pub struct AppData {
    count: i32,

impl Model for AppData {}

A lens to the count field of the AppData struct is generated as AppData::count.

Binding the label

With the generated AppData::count lens, we can bind the count data to the Label by passing the lens in place of the string:

use vizia::prelude::*;

fn main() {

        AppData { count: 0 }.build(cx);

        HStack::new(cx, |cx|{
            Button::new(cx, |cx| Label::new(cx, "Decrement"))
            Button::new(cx, |cx| Label::new(cx, "Increment"))
            Label::new(cx, AppData::count) // Bind the label to the count data
    .inner_size((400, 100))

This sets up a binding which updates the value of the label whenever the count changes. We can depict this with the following diagram, where the green arrow shows the direct link between the data and the label:

Diagram of model-view-tree with an arrow from 'AppData' to 'Label' representing data binding

Modifier bindings

Many modifiers also accept a lens as well as a value. When a lens is supplied to a modifier, a binding is set up which will update the modified property when the bound to model data changes. For example:

pub struct AppData {
    color: Color,


Label::new(cx, "Hello World")