Customizing the Layout

So far we have a horizontal row of buttons and a label, but they're positioned in the top left corner. Let's use layout modifiers to position the views in the center of the window with some space between them.

Centering the views

By default the HStack view will stretch to fill its parent, in this case the window. We can center the contents of the HStack by applying stretch space around all of the children, which we can do using the child_space() modifier and setting it to Stretch(1.0). Then we can add horizontal space between the children using the col_between() modifier:

use vizia::prelude::*;

fn main() {

        HStack::new(cx, |cx|{
            Button::new(cx, |cx| Label::new(cx, "Decrement"));
            Button::new(cx, |cx| Label::new(cx, "Increment"));
            Label::new(cx, "0");
    .inner_size((400, 100))
A vizia app showing two buttons and a label

Understanding the layout system

The layout system used by vizia is called morphorm and can achieve results similar to flexbox on the web but with fewer concepts to learn. With morphorm there is only space and size. Vizia determines the position and size of views based on a number of layout properties which can be configured. A detailed guide of the layout system can be found here.