The Data Trait

When views bind to model data the binding system must determine whether the data has changed. To do this it stores a copy of the data for each binding. To be able to compare the previous data to the new version, the data type must implement the Data trait.

Note that this is only required for the data types which are bound to. The model itself does not need to implement Data unless a view is to bind to the entire model and not just a field within.

Most simple types already implement the Data trait, but for custom types there is a derive macro that can be used as long as the field types also implement the Data trait:

#[derive(Clone, Data)]
pub struct CustomData {
    text: String,

The Data trait also requires that the type implements Clone. This is because when the binding system has determined the data has changed, it must replace its stored copy of the data with a new one so it can recompare on the next update cycle.